Two Myths About Online Video Marketing

Some business owners who want to increase their online presence and attract a larger customer base through the internet may consider video marketing as a coveted marketing strategy. There are many advantages for video marketing, but other business owners have the right to be skeptical about the process. Some myths have started to circulate regarding video marketing. A few of these include the television commercial and SEO myth.

Commercial Myth

One of the greatest reasons people don't pursue video marketing online is because they fear it might feel similar to television commercials. Television commercials are known to be quick videos that are frequently obnoxious or Video Marketing Irving created only for branding purposes. This isn't true. Users on the company's website have the choice to click videos and watch them. Web analytics show that people love to click on videos, especially if the site is overloaded with a lot of text information, because it allows the website visitor to engage with the website on a different social level and alleviates the amount of work they have to do.

Video marketing is a lot different than television commercials. Foremost, the videos are not tied down to an imperative 30 second or less limit. The videos are generally more informative and fact-driven, unlike commercials. The feeling website visitors get when viewing online video content is entirely different from television commercials. Nonetheless, it's still important that website developers give their website visitors the option to click the video and watch the content instead of having the video start playing automatically because automatic videos can make website users feel annoyed.

SEO Myth

Contrary to the myth, video marketing is a way to increase SEO results, not deter them. Analytical studies have shown how much video media can actually help with a website's credibility on search engines as long as the video has been embedded into the website instead of just linked there.

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